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Frequently asked questions about ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME. If you have others, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What is the purpose ?

    With your team, you had to escape yourself outside our immersive universes solving hidden puzzles.

    Communication, listening and sharing of information will be the strengths of your team.

  • How many players can play in the same time ?

    It's your mission to recruit the best to compose your team of 2 to 6 people. The most "ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME": we offer 7 rooms, so 7 teams can play at the same time, each in a different room (a total of 42 players on the same niche).

    For our adventures in virtual reality, you can play 2, 3 or 4 players in the same game.

  • Which room to choose ?

    We keep the secret of our scenarios to keep the adventure complete and unforgettable ! The most "ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME": We have doubled two of our adventures, "The Braking in Amsterdam" and the Escape in Virtual Reality "The Lost Pyramid". So you can organize challenges with another team.

  • Who can play ?

    Everybody can play at ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME ! 

    Whether you are with friends, family or colleagues, fans of videogames and puzzles or not, everyone has fun and get into it as soon as the game begins ! With family*, with friends* or with colleagues, contact us clicking HERE to organize an event ! (Bachelor party or Bachelorette Party, birthday, students party, business seminar (Team Building, and incentive seminar), and a baby shower ...). Everyone can participate because nothing uses physical strenght.
    Contact us and we'll take care of the entire organization of your reception**

    * Children under 12 years old can participate tooif they are accompanied by an adult. during the game. (ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME note : Under 12 years old the children's interest could be shorter). From 15 to 18 years , teams composed of only teenagers can play with the
    written consent of a legal guardian and if a mentor is present in the premises
    for the duration of the game.

    ** For cocktails or catering services, privatizations, thematic
    decorations in our office, please contact us by filling the form available HERE.

  • What skills does it have to play ?

    There is no force to be because no challenge is sporty . The resources are
    SOLUTIONS to find you! The key lies in your team spirit , your sense of
    observation, your logic, your thinking and your communications !

  • Can I give a gift for a game ?

    If you want to offer a game to a person, you can order it online by clicking HERE. (Each voucher is valid for one year, and the person can pay online through his voucher).

  • Can we be more than 5 per team? Or more than 20 in total?

    Are you organizing an event ( work seminar , team building , incentive
    seminar , bachelor bachelor party ( Bachelor Party Girl or Boy of life ) ,
    birthday, student night with your BDE , baby shower ...) and you are more than
    20 people in total: No Problem ! ENIGMATIC LIVE ESCAPE GAME takes care that you spend an
    unforgettable time enjoying the full experience ! Contact us so that we offer a
    formula to suit your needs ! ( Number of team players , duration, budget,
    supplementary benefits to prolong the adventure ... ) .

  • How long does it take for a game?

    The experiment lasted 1:30 with 1 hour for a game, 15 minutes for reception and presentation and 15 minutes of debriefing personalized when you go out.

  • What is accessibility's games ?

    Part of the game is accessible to players with auditory and / or visual .
    However, because of the specificity of some games, we strongly recommend
    including your team at least one member with no physical disabilities. People
    in wheelchairs can come and play because all our games are suitables.

  • How much is it ?

    The entrance fee varies depending on the number of people per team. Visit
    our space reservations for more . For special requests (large groups, seminars
    ...), do not hesitate to contact us to request our rates HERE.

  • How our safety is assured during the game ? Can you claustrophobic ?

    Our designs are so immersive that once the door, you completely forget that
    you are locked and you take the game for the challenge! If you ever do not feel
    at ease, an emergency key located near the front door, can open at any
    time . Finally, note that a CCTV system allows us to ensure your safety
    throughout the game.